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“Lock Screen 2” brings iOS lockscreen experience in to OS X

This application allow to lock/unlock your mac with OS X with iOS style.

There are three ways folks can lock their Mac using Lock Screen 2: by using a specific combination of keyboard characters (hotkeys), auto-lock after the computer is left idle for some time and/or auto-lock before the computer goes to sleep mode.

Unlocking options are equally versatile, allowing users to slide to unlock (just like iOS) by pressing a row of characters on the keyboard or by pressing a specific row of characters on the keyboard (pass pattern) or by swiping across the trackpad like a boss.

Besides this, users can customize the lock/unlock sound, the lockscreen wallpaper and the slide to unlock text.

New Way how to Lock/Unlock computer screen on OS X
✔ Lock by hotkeys
✔ Lock after idle
✔ Lock before sleep
✔ Slide to unlock by keyboard
✔ Slide to unlock by trackpad
✔ Slide to unlock by passpattern
✔ Custom slide to unlock text
✔ Custom lock/unlock sound
✔ Custom wallpapers
✔ Open at login option

I tested it personally and find interesting. Besides of several issues, app working perfectly.

You can buy it from App Store


Written by Stikine

November 27, 2011 at 03:33

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