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MAC OS 9 as a guest OS on Intel based Mac’s

MAC OS 9 booting up on Intel based Mac

How to run MAC OS 9 as a guest OS on Apple MacBook Pro PC with “Intel inside”™.
Host OS – MAC OS X (10.5 – 10.6) and OS X 10.7.

Some of you may remember old time when computers is slow and Apple not in “looking good”

Lets start from beginning. Years ago apple replaced “Apple Classics” with MAC OS X which we still using today.
classic Mac OS

There is no official release of Basilisk II or SheepShaver since it get in to public domain and released under GNU General Public License (GPL)


  • PC with MAC OS X, Windows or Linux as host OS
  • PowerMac ROM image file which you can grab from your old Macintosh
  • Installation media CD or DVD with MAC OS 9 (up to 9.0.4)
  • Basilisk II software
  • SheepShaver (classic Mac OS emulator) test build, created 02/11/2012

Be aware SheepShaver did not support ANY MAC OS 9 higher then 9.0.4

Open Finder and double click on SheepShaver icon. Or if you are running OS X 10.7 click on the launchpad icon in your dock, then locate sheepshaver icon and click on it to execute application.




When SheepShaver loading it will bring MAC OS 9 boot screen.



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February 29, 2012 at 00:53

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