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Firefox for MAC cannot install add-on (extension). MAC OS X

Firefox for MAC OS X. You experiencing problems with installing add-on? You can find solution inside.

If you are using Firefox and decide to install Add-ons you can get error message “There was an error downloading add-on” or something like this. Most likely it was caused by permissions on your Firefox permissions.
This kind of error can be resolved very easy. Launch the Terminal (/Applications/Terminal). Enter the following command :

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/

than enter following command

tail profiles.ini

you will get something like this:



Your default profile location will be “l6l67q85.default“. In your profile you should look for folder called extensions. To check what is going on with this folder, enter

ls -ld Profiles/l6l67q85.default/extensions

Your system output will looks like this:

drwx——@ 6 nukem  staff  204 Mar  25 16:10 Profiles/l6l67q85.default/extensions

You need to change permissions to allow group and others to read and write to this folder.

chmod -R go+rw Profiles/l6l67q85.default/extensions/*

It will change permissions on everything in extensions folder.


Written by Stikine

March 5, 2012 at 07:29

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