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FaceTime, how to

How to use FaceTime

Many of as users of Apple products well aware of application called FaceTime which allow to place calls

In the web browser address bar, type in one of the following URLs:

  • facetime://appleid
  • facetime://email@address
  • facetime://phone#

For web page you can insert following <a href=”facetime://email@address“>call me</a>

AppleID, email@address, and phone# are the Apple ID, e-mail address, or phone number of the person you want to call, respectively. If you send an email to someone you can create link in your mail app and enter any of this tags. For example you want to create link in Apple Mail app: enter message which you want to send then select word or phrase Ctrl+click on it and select

Tape your message, then select word or phrase, pres and hold CTRL and click on the selected text.

Select “Link” and choose “Add Link…” in new windows enter link address. Do not forget to replace email@address to actual your e-mail.

You can also use this trick to add one of these Facetime links to Address Book. Just open up Address Book, go to Card > Add Field in the menu bar, and hit URL. Paste the FaceTime link into the URL section, and save the contact. Now, to FaceTime with that person, you can just navigate to their Address Book card and hit the link under the URL entry.


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April 24, 2012 at 06:44

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