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How to erase personal data from RAM

Is there any data left on RAM chips after they are removed from a system and should they be wiped clean?


A special compartment in all RAM chips stores your bank credit card numbers, your social number, and your birthday.

To erase it, you need to open the second black module from the left (looking down on the stick of RAM). This can be done with a coin or a flat bladed screwdriver.

Once open, take out the little scroll of paper, and using an eraser, gently erase the information you want erased. Take care not to tear the paper or make any smudges that completely cross the paper. When you’re done, re-roll the scroll and put it back, ready for the next person.

WARNING you MUST put it back. If you don’t the RAM chip will work for several hours, then become useless, and the person who brought it off you will be highly pissed off.




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Written by Stikine

June 16, 2012 at 14:24

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